6 Signs Of Poor Window Installation

Key Takeaways:

  • It's critical to be aware of the possible problems associated with improper window installation if you're considering replacing the windows in your house.
  • Many replacement windows are weakest where you can't see them – in the corners.
  • Poorly installed windows can lead to air and water leaks, damaging your home and leading to expensive repairs.
  • When shopping for replacement windows, ask about the installation process and ensure that you work with a reputable company.

Many people decide to upgrade their windows during a home renovation. The price is one of the main factors to consider when determining whether to replace your windows. Sometimes homeowners cut corners to save money, which can be a big mistake. Not only will this affect the look of your home, but it can also lead to energy efficiency problems. To get the most out of your window replacement, work with a reputable company that can provide you with high-quality products and installation services.

In this blog post, Xpress Exterior Design, LLC will discuss some of the signs of poor window installation so that you can avoid making the same mistake!

Sign 01: Gaps around the window frame.

If there are gaps between the windowsill and frame, it is the first indication of poor window installation. This will be visible straight away, indicating that a poor job was done. This suggests that whoever installed your window didn't make an effort to measure it correctly. If you don't, the window's frame may be too big for the glass. Either that or the installer chose a glass size based on how closely it matched the frame's specifications.

Gaps in your windows increase the risk as the glass is not adequately secured and can fall and break. If your children or animals are nearby the windows when this occurs, they might risk getting hurt. The best action is to replace it immediately to prevent any injuries.

Sign 02: Drafty windows

You may have changed your windows in the past for various reasons, including drafts. This not only has the potential to allow in outside air when it's not wanted, but it may also contribute to high electricity costs. In this case, replacing them was the best course of action. What happens, though, if the draft is left behind?

Most windows made today, especially those with double or triple panes, are designed to be energy efficient. You should immediately suspect a problem if you notice a breeze blowing through your recently installed windows. If you don't get in touch with your window installation provider soon, your utility expenses will increase.

Sign 03: Condensation between panes of glass

If you have condensation or water droplets forming between the panes of your windows, the seal has been broken. This gas or seal ensures your windows are operating at their highest efficiency, keeping your energy bill lower than a single-paned window.

This can happen during installation if the window isn't set correctly. It can also occur over time as your house settles and shifts. While this problem is primarily aesthetic, it can lead to more significant issues down the road if left unaddressed.

Sign 04: Messy, uneven caulking

If the caulk or sealant around your window is cracked, peeling, or looks like it wasn't applied evenly, this is another sign of a poor installation job. Caulking should be smooth and even, with no gaps larger than the width of a dime.

This issue can also be caused by settling house foundations and poor window installation.

Sign 05: Operational error

Any issues with your new window's opening, shutting, or overall mechanics will point to a possible problem, even if the most obvious symptoms of a poor window installation aren't present. What good are new windows if they don't function properly?

Your windows weren't correctly installed if you can't open them or shut them after they're open, when you close them, the wind or air blows them open, or if the lock mechanism doesn't work correctly. Your windows may even be to blame if they aren't level. Crooked windows will have their alignment incorrect, making it more challenging to use them.

Sign 06: Water damage

The following indication of a bad window installation is rather straightforward. The number one enemy of homes is said to be leaks and water damage near windows. Any moisture that gets inside may cause issues like mildew growth, mold, and fungus, which can harm your health and your family. Water damage may degrade the structural integrity of your house over time by affecting its integrity.

Check your new windows for any leaks when it rains for the first time following installation. Early detection of this issue will allow you plenty of time to change them, ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your house and your family's health.

How to choose the best window contractor?

Choosing the best firm is the first step in a successful replacement window installation. When you engage with a reputed window merchant, qualified personnel from the industry take precise measurements, supply goods according to the correct requirements, and precisely install your windows.

As a rule of thumb, avoid the cheapest and most expensive quotes. There is a higher likelihood of a compromise being made in either scenario. It is best to find a contractor that offers good value for money. In addition, be sure to check references and reviews before hiring anyone.

Ending note:

Cutting corners during the installation of your replacement windows is a false economy. Poorly installed windows will not only look bad but will also fail to perform as they should in terms of energy efficiency and security. Be sure to engage the services of a reputable contractor to avoid any problems further down the line.

Want a trusted window replacement service?

Xpress Exterior Design serving Towson, MD, can help! Our collective experience in roofing, windows, siding, gutters and external door remodeling exceeds 50 years. We strongly believe in giving our clients and visitor the best possible education and high-quality work!

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