6 Steps To Managing An Emergency Roof Repair

All roofs eventually wear out and need repairs. It is essential to act quickly to avoid significant problems when this happens. This blog post by Xpress Exterior Design, LLC will help you manage an emergency roof repair to fix everything in Towson, MD before it becomes a big problem! Here are some tips for managing an emergency roof repair.


1) First of All - You Must Stay Calm

When a roof emergency happens, you may panic but should stay calm. If you panic, things will worsen, and it will be impossible for anybody to help you solve your problem. The first step is always important, so take a deep breath and remember that you can do this!


2) Assess the Damage

After you've assessed the damage, it's time to take some action. If there is a lot of water coming into your home, you need to stop it as soon as possible. It means closing any doors or windows that let the water in and using whatever you can find to try and block the flow - towels, blankets, even furniture if you have to.


If there is a sewer backup, you need to clear the line as soon as possible, too (if it's safe for you to do so). Be sure to turn off any gas appliances that may be affected by standing water and sewage (like your stove or furnace) until they can adequately be cleaned and dried out.


3) Protect Whatever You Can

Once you've stopped the flow of water, it's time to start protecting whatever you can. It means moving any furniture or electronics in danger of being wet or damaged by the water. If there is insulation around your pipes, be sure to move it as far away from the water as possible so it doesn't get ruined.


4) Call a Roofing Contractor

If the damage is too much for you to handle on your own, it's time to call in a professional. A roofing contractor will examine the damage and provide an estimate for repairs. They may also be able to help with insurance claims if necessary.


5) Always Hire a Licensed Contractor

Always hire a licensed & insured roofing contractor. They should have years of experience, a good reputation in the community, and are knowledgeable about all building codes regarding roofing repairs.


6) Call Your Insurance Company

If your roof has encountered severe damage, you may be able to file an insurance claim. When calling your insurance company, ask them if they need any pictures or videos of the damaged area. Taking a video on your phone and sending it along with your claim will save time and make things easier for everyone involved.


If you notice that your roof needs emergency repair, reach out to our roofing company Xpress Exterior Design, LLC in Towson, MD, for an estimate. We can provide a detailed inspection and then give you all the information necessary to decide what needs to be done with your roof. From repairing leaks to fixing shingles, we have the expertise required to manage residential roofing and commercial roofingGet an estimate here!

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