To Peel & Stick, Or Not to Peel & Stick, That is the Question

If you're looking to replace your current roof you will find that one of the biggest differences between most roofing companies in Florida is how they install your new roof.

The biggest difference between most of these roofing companies is something called underlayment. Underlayment is a broad term, but with roofing you're probably familiar with those large rolls of roofing felt. Fortunately, most roofing companies have gotten away from this underlayment system.

Florida code typically requires one of the following:

Choice #1 - A single Layer of Peel & Stick Underlayment.

Choice #2 - Two layers of Felt or Synthetic Underlayment.

Lets look at each choice...

Choice #1ps-1

What is Peel & Stick?

Peel & Stick is simply a self-adhered rubberized asphalt underlayment that is applied directly to the decking of your roof. It can also be called polymer-modified bitumen (say that three times fast). This provides a strong, durable layer of protection and completely seals the decking.

Pros Cons
Completely Seals the Roof Deck Impossible to remove during repair/reinstall
Easy to Install Increases weight 5X on roof
Fewest Materials Used Roof Deck isn't able to properly breathe

Choice #2su

Felt or Synthetic Underlayment (#30) is a thinner product, is not self-adhered. It is typically installed using something called Cap Nails, which are smaller nails with large "caps" which look like washers to keep the underlayment from flying away or ripping during install.

Pros Cons
Allows the Roof Deck to breathe Doesn't completely "seal" the roof
Lighter weight on the roof (5-10x lighter) More materials needed
Is off-set to ensure proper coverage More time to install

At Xpress Exterior Design we stand behind Trust. Quality. Integrity. So when we replace your roof we believe that the second choice is the proper method for a few reasons...

First, your roof decking is made of wood, it needs to breathe in order to be effective. Especially in a humid climate like Florida. When that wood absorbs moisture from the air, it needs a place to expel the moisture as well. We believe that evaporation and condensation are NOT things our customers want constantly occurring in their attic space.
Second, you may need repair work done on your roof in the future. Or you may sell your home to someone or leave it to someone in your family. When it comes time to replace or repair that roof, we wouldn't want that person to be stuck with the responsibility of replacing all the roof decking which could drastically increase the cost of the repairs/replacement.


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