Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof?

Every homeowner crosses their fingers and hopes for less damage whenever a major storm hits. For those with homeowners insurance, the question is, “does homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

It will all depend on your policy and the former state of your home. Xpress Exterior Design can assist you with your insurance claims and help you establish grounds for your insurance company to pay for your new roof.

Maryland homeowners overlook their roofs until a storm, fallen tree, or pest infestation causes irreparable damage.

It is vital to fix roof problems at once to avoid more damage and costly replacement.

Suppose your roof gets damaged and you don’t have the budget for repairs and replacement. You should check your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out if your insurance provider partially or fully covers your roof replacement.

Instances When Homeowners Insurance Covers a New Roof

Coverage depends on the policy. The majority of insurance policies cover roof replacement when damage is caused by an accident or an act of nature.

If a tree falls on your roof and causes damage, you can expect your insurance to cover it in most cases.

Your coverage will depend on location, your specific policy, and the cause and extent of the damage.

If your roof has a hole or is torn off entirely, there is a good chance of coverage due to significant damage.

Here in Maryland, you will need to meet your deductible before insurance coverage sets in. For example, Hurricane deductibles are imposed, which means you will have to pay a portion of hurricane and storm damages before your insurance company pays.

If you experience significant roof damage, contact your insurance agent and know the steps needed in filing a claim. Don’t forget to ask about exclusions because you might end up doing work that doesn’t fall under insurance coverage.

It is expected that you document evidence and submit them with your claim. Take plenty of photos up close that show the extent of the damage. If a storm caused the damage, you could find reputable news articles that can back your claim.

Some insurance companies require at least three estimates from various roofing companies. All three contractors must stipulate that a roof replacement is necessary compared to roof repairs only.

If you can establish that you have done your due diligence in roof maintenance and your roof did not need replacement before the damage happened, then you stand a chance that your policy will cover the roof replacement.

Check your insurance companies specific requirements, and some may get denied due to late filing of improperly filled out claim forms.

Times When Homeowners Insurance Refuses to Cover a Roof Replacement

It is quite understandable that old roofing is not covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. Age restrictions may vary per policy, but you can expect that anything 20 years or older is likely not covered.

Most roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years unless they are made of more durable and expensive materials.

This applies to the first layer of roofing on your home. It is common for homes to have two layers of shingles in place, so you should take note.

Insurance does not cover normal wear and tear, and it can be challenging to get coverage for an older roof even in the event of a sudden accident or act of nature.

Lack of basic maintenance can result in the rejection of your insurance claim. For a better chance of payment by your insurance company, you need to submit documents and photos proving that you maintain your roof regularly. Gutters should be cleaned, trees trimmed, and leaks repaired. Posts on social media showing these particular activities may help bolster your claim.

You should also be aware that slate roofing requires a rider due to inflated costs.  

Hiring a licensed roofing contractor for maintenance work can extend your roof’s life and prove it’s a condition if you need to file a claim.

If you want to know more about the roof requirements needed to make claims from homeowners insurance, you can ask our team of expert roofers at Xpress Exterior Design and Restoration.

Insurance companies may refuse payment if the work is not completed by a licensed professional.

At Xpress Exterior Design, you get a licensed and insured company that will surely fit your insurance companies requirements for a roofing contractor.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website for a quotation today.

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