New Windows Come in a Variety of New Styles

Tired of those old and worn-out windows that not only lower the curb appeal of your home but also cost you around 30% of your home’s energy efficiency? New windows from Xpress Exterior Design can give your home that new look while providing energy savings to your home. Our energy-efficient windows provide cost savings that you will notice immediately while transforming your home’s exterior. Our team of window experts can recommend the perfect new window for you that will not only enhance your home exterior but also increase your properties’ value. Windows are one of the first things people notice when they see your home. Here are the top window styles that you can choose from that will complement your home’s style. 

Double Hung

A favorite design from our customers due to their clean and modern appearance. They give you superior energy savings and are easy to clean as well. 

Single Hung

If you own a more traditional or historic themed home, single hung windows are the best option for you. They are more affordable than other types which is why home remodelers love them.


A perfect choice if your home has an excellent view that you want to see regularly. Casement utilizes a crank to open them with allows homeowners to see an unobstructed view that comes with a picture window while enjoying ventilation offered by other window types.

The latest technology provides an airtight weather seal that gives these windows high rankings for window efficiency.


If you want easy to open windows, sliders or gliding windows are ideal. A good choice if your window is facing a patio or deck


Awning windows are casement windows mounted vertically. A hinge is placed at the top which makes the window push out. A great option for allowing air to flow but preventing leaves and rainfall to enter.

Bays and Bows

Traditionally seen in castles during the English Renaissance, bay windows can be seen in mansions and homes alike. They allow maximum light to enter a room as the sun shines throughout the day.

Bow windows use more glass panels than a bay window due to their curved design.


For the green thumb out there, garden windows allow you to enjoy your plants and flowers all year round. They create more space in a room and allows you to create a greenhouse or area to showcase your favorite decor.

Adding a garden window adds interior and exterior appeal to your home.


Picture windows are stationary and do not open. They come in larger sizes and is often used to maximize a view. If you have a beautiful exterior view or you want to enhance the lighting of your home, picture windows are a good option.

Sliding Patio Windows

Standard patio windows open by sliding along horizontal tracks. You can choose between a right-hand or left-hand operation. They are ideal for tight fitted spaces because they don’t need swing room to function.

Custom Shapes

For the ultimate in-home customization, custom shaped windows are your best bet. There are nearly limitless design combinations you can create to complement your standard windows.

From hexagon, circle, octagon, elliptical, triangle, pentagon, and trapezoid shapes, you can pick a shape that suits the needs of your home and personal style.

Xpress Exterior Design offers a variety of custom window shapes and designs that are beautiful and energy-efficient.

Why Choose Xpress Exterior Design?

Xpress Exterior Design has been in the business of installing high-quality replacement windows for homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. It’s been more than a decade of providing the best customer service and dedicated project managers in the home improvement industry. Our workmanship is unparalleled which is why we have lasted this long in the business. We pride ourselves on our passion for excellence and personalized customer service. Experience for yourself why we have consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years.

If you want to get an estimate for residential window or roofing services in the Maryland, Delaware & Pennsylvania Area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-699-7378 or fill out our contact form. Our roofers will get back to you shortly and answer all of your questions and concerns.

First-rate installation backed up by a strong warranty

When it comes to professional installation, Xpress Exterior Design trumps the competition. When you partner with us, your home will stand out due to the workmanship of trained and specialized installers for your replacement window project. To prove that we are confident in the quality of our workmanship, we back it up with a lifetime, transferable workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

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