Why You Should Avoid Using the Neighborhood Handyman

We all have that guy in our neighborhood right?

He has a pickup truck, ladders, tools, and a basic know-how...so why not hire him???

CinTWell there are a ton of reasons, and no we aren't just saying this because we want you to use us instead (although we think we're pretty special).

Truth be told, these guys no matter how skilled unless they have a license to practice the work they are doing could be putting you into a pretty scary scenario...

#1 Hasta La Vista, Insurance!

Did you know that if you have work done to your home by an unlicensed and uninsured contractor is grounds for your Homeowners insurance to drop your coverage or outright deny a claim altogether? Or worse yet, if he does any damage to your home or to himself you might be on the hook for the entire bill yourself. See Here

#2 Where's the Warranty?

Using your neighborhood handyman may be a cheaper price but is it worth the cost? While you may pay less now, how much more will it cost you when you call him/her with an issue and all you get are voicemails and crickets? Truth is for most of these people this is more of a side job for them so their priorities may not necessarily be the best customer service. 

#3 Who you Gonna Call?

Nope...not Ghostbusters, you could try calling the guy who did the install. Or maybe call your local Home Improvement licensing office. Either one of those usually means that all that money you paid has *poof* disappeared.

#4 Once upon a time...

There was a time when it was totally within the norm to hire the neighborhood guy to do the work, but what if he is living his "Happily Ever After" in the Bahamas? He's since retired, and moved away and now what? While he's living the dream you're living a nightmare of what to do and who to call.

#5 There's No Place Like Home

It's your house, it's your home. Protect it by doing your own due diligence and hiring a reputable, licensed, and insured company to do all your home repairs. If you want to keep it local go to Google My Business and look for a company located close by. Get multiple estimates, make sure you're comfortable with everything (not just the price) and make a decision you feel is best for you. 

At Xpress Exterior Design we stand behind Trust, Quality, & Integrity and don't forget...


Your Job Isn't Finished Unless You're Fully Satisfied!!!


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