8 Window Styles & Where To Use Them Best!

Natural light is not only soft on the eyes, but it is healthy and allows for tasteful window installations that bump your estate's value. Ditch the fluorescent lights in the day and bring down some walls to add bright windows & fresh air to your dull & dour spaces.


Xpress Exterior Design services across MD, DE, and PA; we are rated among the best. Even Owens Corning's got our back & that is reason enough for you to have us upgrade your home's exteriors. Today, we're talking about window styles, utility & placement!


1. Hung Sash

The style employs a fixed upper panel with a slider underneath as a movable panel. The window can only be opened from the bottom & make for a pretty addition in the main bedrooms or living rooms as they provide due access to window sills & offer a view.


2. Double-Hung or Sliders

The design features two movable panels to allow for a well-ventilated interior space in the summer heat. It's ideal for toddler & pet safety because the lower plane remains secured, allowing the top to open. Depending on the style, the panels move up or down or sideways.


3. Casement

They're also known as crank windows because they need a crank to be swung outwards and suit tall & narrow openings. They usually employ a single plane of glass, but grilles will work too. They're suited to stairway windows or attics.


4. Awning

They are a bit more antiquated & styled as a single plane hinged at the top with a crank, much like a sideway casement window. The window is best kept high for the veranda & is a good design addition.


5. Bay

These are an ambitious design from the Victorian era and are styled as several grilled windows that add a protruding feature to living rooms. They can be angular or curved and make a great addition to multifamily units.


6. Greenhouse

Also called garden windows, they are characteristic of kitchen additions. The window is styled as a box-like extension encased in glass to allow the sun to reach the plants inside. It also allows more natural light to permeate the kitchen.


7. Picture

These windows can't be opened and only offer a view of exterior aesthetic elements. They are unusually large, often double glazed, & ideal for living & dining rooms. If you have an extensive foyer, a picture window will do excellent in natural light.


8. Hopper

These windows are styled as awning windows, except they open inward with a bottom hinge. They are used for basements & bathrooms & are frosted to give privacy but illumination. The window is suited to the top of doorways & windows for dust-free ventilation.


We've given you the window styles to design your desired spaces, but it's up to us to ensure you get the suitable materials for aesthetically pleasing & energy-efficient windows. We have a lot in store at Xpress Exterior Design and are active in Cockeysville, MD. Roofs, doors, sidings & gutters, we have your exteriors covered for repair, financing, & upgrades!


Feel free to receive our free estimates & learn more about our services. Let's put a smile on your home!

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