Energy-Efficient Windows Replacement from ProVia

Have you noticed the condition of your windows in your Mid-Atlantic home? Are they hard to open or close? Do you feel cool air enter even when they are shut tight? These situations call for a top-notch window installer that can replace your old and worn-out windows. Xpress Exterior Design Home is proud to offer energy-efficient replacement windows from trusted manufacturer ProVia. 

Signs You Need Window Replacement

Timing is essential when you are facing a window replacement project. You don’t want to wait until your quality of life is affected due to window failure.

Homeowners want to make the most out of their windows lifespan. Here are telltale signs that your window needs replacement.

  1. Faulty Window Operation. The majority of aging windows have balance issues which result in jamming and sticking. If you notice rust and rot in your existing windows, it signifies they are near the end of their service life.
  2. Cold Drafts Entering Your Home. If you feel a cold draft every time you are near your windows, you may have a seal problem that you need to address. Broken window seals compromise your home’s thermal efficiency, putting excess strain on your HVAC system. If you notice energy bills spiking during winter, it’s time to replace your windows to prevent air infiltration and leakage.
  3. Excess Outdoor Noise. If you notice dog barks, car horns, and traffic noises from inside your home? You have an insulation problem and window replacement is imminent. New windows lower sound transfer, giving you quiet and relaxing living space.
  4. Water Damage and Decay. Aging and harsh weather conditions can take its toll on your windows. Years of damage can result in chipping, broken glass, cracks, mold, and decay. When this happens, repairs may not cut it.
  5. Too Much Condensation. If your windows start to “sweat” profusely on cold days, moisture is finding its way between the glass panels. To deal with this type of issue, you need to replace your windows soon.

Old and worn-out windows can impact your home’s quality of life. Xpress Exterior Design can provide the best services and replacement windows for your Mid-Atlantic home.  

Improve your home’s thermal performance

For the best in residential home efficiency, you can’t beat ProVia’s Endure and Aspect windows. They have an ENERGY STAR certification which makes them the best option for homeowners who value energy efficiency. The windows feature a UV filter built directly into the glass package, boasting of a class-leading 0.2 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). You get an exclusive Climatech high-performance insulated glass that will give you energy savings all year long.

The Benefits of Vinyl -Why vinyl outperforms other window materials

Traditionally, wooden windows are the number one option for homeowners who want the ultimate in-home aesthetics.

You may not know it but today’s modern vinyl windows can give wooden windows a run for their money because they are just as beautiful and come with more customization options.

Performance-wise, vinyl is popular for being one of the most durable window materials in the industry. Wood is prone to rotting, while aluminum expands and contracts, you won’t experience any of these with vinyl windows. Vinyl outperforms other window materials at a more affordable price and less maintenance.

Why Choose Xpress Exterior Design?

Xpress Exterior Design has been in the business of installing high-quality replacement windows for homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. It’s been more than a decade of providing the best customer service and dedicated project managers in the home improvement industry. Our workmanship is unparalleled which is why we have lasted this long in the business. We pride ourselves on our passion for excellence and personalized customer service. Experience for yourself why we have consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years.

If you want to get an estimate for residential window or roofing services in the Maryland, Delaware & Pennsylvania Area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-699-7378 or fill out our contact form. Our roofers will get back to you shortly and answer all of your questions and concerns.

First-rate installation backed up by a strong warranty

When it comes to professional installation, Xpress Exterior Design trumps the competition. When you partner with us, your home will stand out due to the workmanship of trained and specialized installers for your replacement window project. To prove that we are confident in the quality of our workmanship, we back it up with a lifetime, transferable workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

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