Canopy On A Leash - How Long Do Roofing Materials Last?

Whenever homeowners are in the market for roofing materials or getting a roof upgrade, they often forget to ponder over the roof’s lifespan. Although it is a significant number, this 'lifespan' can be bumped up with the selection of material, the involved maintenance, & timely repairs.


On today's agenda, Xpress Interior Design has a load of roofing solutions & their expected lifespans. Of course, the best cheat to enhance that span is via signing up for regular roof inspection & maintenance with us!

Stone Roofs

Slate Tiles

Also called a tiled stone roof, the tiles come in the expensive category & are exceptional in durability plus visual appeal. The metamorphic rock adds a sizeable chunk of value to a home when used as a roof adornment.


The only cautionary downside is that slate is brittle and will crack if too much load is placed. However, a slate tile roof will last a whopping century without much maintenance!

Clay Tile Roof

It's a cost-effective solution to a roofing problem because clay tiles (though expensive) contribute to saving up on energy costs. They can repel heat, retain their cool & quite sturdily protect your home.


They are both weather & fire resistant and require minimal maintenance to keep their characteristic color. A clay roof can last up to 50 years or longer before you feel it needs a replacement.

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt Shingles

It is the most popular option for homeowners all around the US because not only are asphalt shingles inexpensive, they last long enough to allow upgrades without waste. With scheduled maintenance & repair after storms, these shingles can last for 25 - 30 years without any hiccups.

Wood Shakes & Shingles

The ways these roofs capture the ethereal natural look make them a must on many homeowners' lists. Cedar shingles, in particular, are very resilient & resistant to catching rot or insect infestations. These roofs do call for special considerations during installation and then maintenance too. They will last up & beyond 30 years.

Metal Roof


The metal is known for its natural oxide layer that restricts corrosion. Aluminum is popular as an outdoor roofing material & can mimic natural wood too. It is optimal for flat roofs with some reinforcement & will last up to 50 years.

Galvanized Steel

Steel, on its own, may be a suitable flat roof material, but it tends to catch rust still. Galvanized steel is perfect for garden & storage sheds. They can last up to 50-75 years.

Synthetics Roofs

Concrete Tiles

These tiles are a hit because they come precast in various shapes, stains & textures that mimic asphalt, stone, & wood shingles. Despite their versatility, they are significantly heavy than conventional tiles, but what they lack in lightweight material makes up for 50 years in lifespan.

Concrete Flat Roofs

The style of commercial roof is all too prevalent in the US. They are easy to set up, install, & maintain. They typically last up to two decades, but with TPO & EPDM roofing materials reinforcements, one can extend that number up to 30 years.


Are you looking to upgrade your roof in White Marsh, MD? Xpress Exterior Design has all the innovative solutions to a perfect residential & commercial roof that is guaranteed to last you just in time for the next upgrade or estate listing.


Need financing? We offer that too!


Get in touch with us, check our home improvement services, & sign up for free, accurate estimates today!

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